Nón cho lính cứu hoả PAB HT04

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    10.200.000 ₫

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    Datasheet / Brochure DnV Wheelmark Approval

    The helmet is designed to protect the head in the most extreme conditions. Development of new composite technology in combination with established designs enable full protection even at shorter flash over flames reaching up to 1000 °C.


    Includes visor and neck curtain
    Visor approved for use in fires
    High comfort
    You can use with any marine fire fighting kits on board your vessel
    Visor folds inside helmet when not used for added protection and is not in your line of vision
    The helmet and visor both give you high impact resistance for clearing debris or during fire fighting operations
    The generous sizing of 52 to 63cm will cover the majority of your crew
    Extremely lightweight (1.350 g) and fitted lugs that support a wide selection of compatible accessories

    Lightweight of only 1.350 g (including visor face shield and neck protector)
    Extreme temperature resistance (up to 1.000 °C) in a 10 seconds flash over flames
    Long-term resistance to 250°C / 30 min, radiant heat test 14 KW / m2
    More resistant to mechanical impacts than any standard helmet *Latest European standards conformity (EN 443/2008)
    Full head protection, including neck and face
    PES anti-scratch and anti-fog coated visor resistible to up to 300°C (EN 14458)
    Aluminized carbon-fiabre neck protection
    Interior shock absorber made of polyurethane foam
    Integrated adjustment system (ranging from 52 – 63cm)
    Interior ventilating channels enable safe and comfortable work
    Luminescent and reflective tapes visible from all sides and in all conditions
    Nomex chinstrap - tested to prevent skin irritations

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